Dry Style 

A dry style is strictly hot tool styling - no wash or blow dry. You come in with clean and dry hair and leave the styling to us. You can get any styling you'd like: tight curls, big loose curls, beach waves, and straight with flat iron.


Do you have a special occasion coming up? You can never go wrong with an updo. You probably have heard of updo's but aren't sure exactly what they are. An updo is a hairstyle that is completely pinned up. Whether it be a high ponytail with braiding included, a low side bun with twists, messy bun in the back, or anything in between. We will curl the hair and pin it up anyway you'd like. Updo's are great for proms, gala's, weddings, or any special event you might have. They are great because all your hair is up and off your neck and out of your face.

Simple Updo

A simple updo is similar to an updo but less complex. A simple updo is pinning the hair in a half up half down look. So adding curls, beach wave, or straight and pinning the top half up. Our simple updo comes with a hair wash and blow dry. We will wash the hair to start off with a good base, add products in and blow dry it, then we style it (curls, flat iron, beach waves) and pin it in a half up look. You can have it pinned up, braided, or twisted to achieve this half up half down hairstyle.